Sage 50 Accounts 2015

Sage have released Sage 50 Accounts 2015

Accountancy practices will have received an email inviting them to download this year’s version of Sage 50 Accounts 2015 for use in their practice. Apart from the new interface, the most interesting feature of this new release is Sage Drive allowing accountants access to the same live data as their client, with the software still installed on the local PCs.  However, Sage Drive does not form part of the initial install and will be subsequently rolled out via auto update (it’s important the auto update service is activated) with Sage customers being informed of availability and instructions via email.

I’ve attached some literature, but here’s my quick guide to Sage Drive:

The client has to upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts 2015  – click here for prices.  The accountant must be on v2015 of Client Manager.  It is not available to Instant customers as yet (won’t know if Sage Drive will be on Instant v2015 until nearer release time in Spring 2015).

The client has to share their data with the accountant by setting up Sage Drive from their office – this is a one-time process.  This will save a copy of their company data on a cloud drive owned by Sage located in the UK.  The client sets up an encryption password which they will give to their accountant and anyone else allowed to access the data remotely, e.g. home workers.

Any changes to the data on the client’s computer are then synced automatically to the Sage Drive, so anyone accessing this remotely always sees up-to-date data.

All the accountant needs to do is create a company in Client Manager to work on the client’s data at the same time as the client.

Only the changes made are synced, so this shouldn’t cause any speed issues.  2015 now supports up to 20 concurrent users and 1.5m transactions.

There is no charge for Sage Drive for accountants or their clients, although they will need to upgrade to the latest version.

This is a great opportunity  for Accountants to let their clients know about the new version.  Lugo are able to work with accountants and their clients to educate them on the benefits of upgrading to v2015 and assist with the initial set up process.

Sage 50 Accounts 2015 What’s New?